Exhibition Services

Selling and supplying electrical and industrial tools and parts and all necessary industrial equipment such as

Sensors of all types (light cells, density sensors, proximity sensors, magnetic sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, etc.)

Protection devices of all types (overloads, thermal and magnetic breakers, etc.)

All sizes alternative current control devices (inverters)

Smooth start devices for motors (soft start)

Program logic control devices (PLC) of the most famous brands all that is needed for it

All that is needed for automation systems

Electrical circuit breakers of all sizes

All electrical panel accessories

All electric motor winding requirements

Air systems (pneumatic) and accessories

Metal and plastic electrical cabinet

Weighing systems and all its accessories

Factory Services

The factory manufactures metal electric panels (enclosure) of iron or stainless steel according to demand and according to international standards

Chemical treatment for the metal used in the manufacturing of panels

Washing panels with special materials to remove oils and impurities from the body of metal used in the manufacturing of panels

Coating the panels with high thicknesses of electrostatic powder (which works to isolate rust, weather) then placed in special powder coating oven for this purpose

Design and implementation of low, medium and high pressure electric panels according to international standards

Design and implementation of automated control panels of all forms and types

Working and programming logical control systems (PLC)

Working and programming SCADA systems

After sales service, by provide necessary and periodic maintenance for all of our products